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US government wants ADD/ADHD to spread?

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US government wants ADD/ADHD to spread? Empty
PostSubject: US government wants ADD/ADHD to spread? US government wants ADD/ADHD to spread? EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 6:19 pm

Hey guys just a thought of mine but ill let you know about it, not saying this is fact at all just a theory of mine that I came up with. So as we all know most of us probably know someone who has ADD, ADHD, or possibly Dyslexia. Well if any of you have ever seen the film Food inc. I suggest you watch it. Within our foods here we have hormones or steroids, well, the food industry gives the chickens/cows this so the growing process of the chicken will become faster. A chicken worth , say , 10 chicken nuggets regularly grown, but with steroids you could get 20 chicken nuggets out of it.. Well in science class I remember the food triangle as the consumers consume the producers and WE consume the other consumer(in this case the chicken) we are infact obtaining its steroids/hornomes. Maybe not as much as a dose it's had but half! Now, my cousin whom resides in Colorado said that he has noticed kids in Florida are generally bigger than in Colorado. Now I see that Florida school lunches have chicken nuggets ate lunch every day. And we have more mcdonalds around us. That's why theyre are more overweight people in Florida and in the US. Now with such things our children could obtain ADD or ADHD from these unhealthy steroids in the food. Over 50% of America's kids have ADD/ADHD. Well what about other countries like in Europe? You might ask, well you see in Europe as we all know is the place where all great foods were invented and are still cooked. Italy with their incredible pastas/pizza. The italian lifestyle could never go to Mcdonalds, most of the mcdonalds business's fail in Italy at least. Now UK it is different since the Brits are not known to be the best cooks and in the 'American POV world' UK is like our 51st state. My best friend is from Italy he asked me what ADHD was when he came here. Since they dont put steroids in their food.. He said that it is incredibly rare to find things such as ADD/ADHD in Italy or possibly even most European countries. Now America has never invented their own food really, I mean the Hamburger/Hotdog, those originated from the German city of Hamburg. We have no originality here, we are after all a new country with hardly any history.. Now why couldn't we adapt ourselves to the healthy lifestyle then? If its not so hard to obtain pasta here what do we do? Well here in America we have so many options of delivery and easy mac lol. Which is most likely unhealthy.. Why doesn't the US government change something about this?? Well as usual they love to hide things from the public eye, so why not give them attention problems too? They grow larger than the European but die faster. Cholesterol and what not, a short life so that way you won't find out so much the truth of what they are actually doing.. Leave me your opinions on this below.. Im not saying that this is 100% fact, but its just a puzzle that fit itself together in my head. Thank you so much..

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US government wants ADD/ADHD to spread?

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