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PostSubject: IRAN ATTACKS U.S. DRONE Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:43 pm

Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week as it was hovering in international airspace, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Spokesman George Little said the incident occurred Nov. 1 at 4:50 a.m. ET. He said the unarmed, unmanned drone was conducting "routine surveillance" over the Persian Gulf when it was "intercepted" by Iran. He said the MQ1 Predator drone, which was not hit, was not in Iranian airspace.

Little said the U.S. government has protested to the Iranians. Asked about how the U.S. could respond, he said: "We have a wide range of options from diplomatic to military."

The Predator drone was out over the Persian Gulf just east of Kuwait, engaged in routine maritime “surveillance.” Which, when you’re using a Predator drone, nothing is routine, but hey, they weren’t violating anyone’s airspace at this point in time.
And then two Su-25s — crappy fighter jets that have been in play since 1981 — took off after the drone, into international airspace, and tried to fire on the drone. They… well, they missed. Because they’re in Su-25s.
Let me break this down to you — you know how in Top Gun (RIP Tony Scott) the Americans whooped ass with their F-14s, taking out and/or scaring off a bunch of MiG-21s? Yeah, both of those jets are decommissioned, and they are still better than Su-25s.

Full Story

Last edited by Straznik on Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:26 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Interesting piece of information regarding Iran's air force might(if any))
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black ceo

black ceo

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PostSubject: Re: IRAN ATTACKS U.S. DRONE Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:16 pm

Hmm, maybe a set up to put the blame on Iran? Could have been us that fired on our own drone so that we could then blame it on Iran and give us more justification and hate towards them

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