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Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered

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Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered Empty
PostSubject: Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered EmptySun Nov 11, 2012 9:35 pm

A new carnivore shaped like a candelabra has been spotted in deep ocean waters off California's Monterey Bay.

The meat-eating species was dubbed the "harp sponge," so-called because its structure resembles a harp or lyre turned on its side.

A team from the Monterey Bay Research Aquarium Institute in Moss Landing, Calif., discovered the sponge in 2000 while exploring with a remotely operated vehicle. The sponges live nearly 2 miles (3.5 kilometers) beneath the ocean's surface.

"We were just amazed. No one had ever seen this animal with their own eyes before," said Lonny Lundsten, an invertebrate biologist at the research institute and one of the first to see the harp sponge.

Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered 121109_SpongePhoto-0845a.files.grid-6x2

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Meat-Eating Sponge Discovered

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