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An Introduction to the New World Order and the Illuminati

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PostSubject: An Introduction to the New World Order and the Illuminati Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:39 am


Political Science

December 10, 2012
The Introduction to the New World Order and the Illuminati

In general terms, the New World Order (NWO) is understood to mean the emergence of one-world government (Wells 7). The common theme behind NWO is that there is secretive power elite that have a globalist agenda which conspires to ultimately rule the world by replacing the sovereign nation-states with totalitarian world government. This conspiracy is orchestrated through efforts geared towards common world economics with the International Monetary Fund, free trade agreements, and the World Bank. Another focus by those behind the emergence of one-world government is religion. Religious organizations such as the Parliament of World Religions and the World Council of Churches were created in order to introduce a new world religion based on humanist philosophy (Wells 19).

By and large, the New World Order is engineered by the Illuminati. Illuminati is an all powerful entity that is made up of secretive societies that focus on repudiating national boundaries. They are undoubtedly geared towards a world order that is bad to the humanity of the entire world. It is unfortunate that the people engineering the New World Order often act above the laws of not just nations but the international laws (The Advent of Deception 2012). Illuminati control every aspect of business religion, banking, mining, insurance, petroleum, drug trade, the medical system, and politics. What is more worrying is the fact that the think-tanks and many foundations around the world are pursuing the New World Order that is being engineered by the Illuminati. Engineering of the New World Order by Illuminati is evidenced by the fact that most of the profitable enterprises that grasp control over the public is dominated by Illuminati who is in direct contact with their masters. The New World Order is a bad thing because of the fact that it is engineered by Illuminati, a group that thrives on domination, secretiveness, and power. The very nature of Illuminati and its control of virtually every sphere in the world subject the world to a deep darkness level (The Advent of Deception 2012).

The New World Order is surely a terrible thing as it gives a small group of people a total control of the entire world and is not going to fix the problems bedeviling the world although it is purporting to do so. While they may end problems such as poverty and starvation, the approach towards doing so is disastrous. A closer look at how they will address these challenges is shocking. They intend to exterminate the majority and to depopulate the world in their bid to address problems such as starvation (Wells 55). Even if, the New World Order has started out as a positive thing, it will not take long before greedy, and corrupt people control hungry people and find the way into power and eventually destroy the entire humanity. The same group of people that are purporting to end world woes are the same people who are causing the gross inequalities in wealth and income, war, death, famine, environmental degradation, religious intolerance, and political repression, for no progressive reasons. Their main focus in doing all this is to create world government at the end (The Advent of Deception 2012).

In conclusion, it is evidently clear that the New World Order is imminent. It is also clear that Illuminati are the main engineer towards this order. The New World Order is a bad thing because it is being engineered by Illuminati which thrives in secretiveness, power and domination. As has been noted, it is also a bad thing because it aims at achieving its end of world government through means that threaten majority of humanity.

Thank You for reading my debate/english Political Science essay about the NWO and the Illuminati. You can definetely expect more personal writings upcoming. I do infact tend to write above the skill of the average high schooler. This is graduate level I would say. I can write any level but graduate seems balanced between least stress and much information and cleverness. I can write on High School level; Graduate; Master; phD even. If you would like help with an essay or any type of writing assignment whether it be a book report; speech; biography. Do not be shy to PM me on the forums. Thanks again for reading.

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PostSubject: Re: An Introduction to the New World Order and the Illuminati Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:03 am

Illuminati is an organization....they are the followers of science...
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An Introduction to the New World Order and the Illuminati

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