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Graphene: 200 Times Stronger than Steel

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Information Kept Quiet

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PostSubject: Graphene: 200 Times Stronger than Steel Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:07 pm

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore boldly predicted that the processing power for computers will double every two years.

But Moore's Law won't be true forever and that collapse isn't going to happen in some distant future, it is going to happen within the next decade.

Computer power and its phenomenal importance in advancing technology  cannot maintain its exponential rise with its ever-more microscopic circuitry etched in silicon. It will soon reach a final barrier; a "silicon wall" and by 2022, we may be left impatiently finger- tapping for a sequel.

Enter Graphene: A two-dimensional material made from a single layer of carbon atom the most flexible and the most conductive material in the world -- which makes it the leading alternative to the silicon chip.

It's not just computer circuit boards that graphene promises to transform. Graphene is also the strongest and lightest material on
Earth, more than 200 times stronger than steel.

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Graphene: 200 Times Stronger than Steel

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