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Morsi Supporters Stage Fake Protest with Fake Blood

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Morsi Supporters Stage Fake Protest with Fake Blood Empty
PostSubject: Morsi Supporters Stage Fake Protest with Fake Blood Morsi Supporters Stage Fake Protest with Fake Blood EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 11:35 pm

Alexandra Bruce
August 17, 2013

Supporters of the ousted Egyptian President Morsi, alleged to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood are shown here staging a scene for photographers to propagate the image that they are in a demonstration, where they have been assaulted, depicting scenes of martyrdom, to be promoted globally, to win the sympathy of the international community. Warning: includes fake blood.

I was sent this clip on August 17th by a longtime subscriber, who wishes only to go by the name, "Eneth".

When I asked Eneth if my above description of this video was correct, I received the detailed reply, below (edited for clarity and brevity).


From FKTV Subscriber, "Eneth":

That is absolutely correct!

Of course, not all the news is fake. Certainly, there were events when the military shot at the Muslim Brotherhood, AFTER, they went berserk and started fires everywhere.
The Muslim Brotherhood had been burning Coptic [Christian] Churches, and any and all Coptic-owned businesses, homes, schools, etc.

The Coptic Pope demanded that the Egyptian military to come to their aid, which the military did. At one point, you can see news footage of this: how the Muslim Brotherhood pushed a police jeep off the bridge, with the policemen inside, to which the police responded by shooting at them. And yes many members of the Muslim Brotherhood were seriously injured in that incident.

Unfortunately, the Western Mainstream Media, including Al Jazeera do not report the facts as they occur. For some reason, they wish to portray the heretofore illegal, murderous, thieving Muslim Brotherhood as saints, and to purport that they were "democratically-elected by all of Egypt".

The above is a lie. The illegal Muslim Brotherhood were made legal by the US and it was the US who demanded of Egypt that they make them legal. Egypt obliged with one stipulation; that the Muslim Brotherhood would not enter the elections. Once the Egyptian government announced that the Muslim Brotherhood were now a legal organization, both the US and the Muslim Brotherhood went back on their agreement, and immediately entered the election process.

At this time, the US, UK and German Ambassadors all admitted openly on local TV that their compounds served as training ground for the many non-Egyptians who were participating in the "Arab Spring" on Tahrir Square. In actual fact, many who were there were paid a few Egyptian pounds per day and were given free food and water, which is more than many Egyptians have at their disposal.

So the so-called "Arab Spring" actually turned out to be a well-organized and -oiled "US/UK and German Spring".

The Muslim Brotherhood immediately went into action, promising a chicken at every table, free housing, cars, farms, schools and hospitals for all: Heaven-on-Earth. However, Egypt does not tax its citizenry, whose income is negligible. Therefore, how would the Muslim Brotherhood feed, house, and hospitalize 70+ million people?

Recall that at least 65% of the citizens of Egypt cannot read or write.

Recall that at the election booths, those who could not read or write had to be "shown" how to vote. At the time, even the Egyptian Judiciary questioned these irregularities at the polls.

So, when the Western media state that the Muslim Brotherhood were elected democratically and freely, by the citizens, I ask: who is the insane person who could even begin to think this, when the population is illiterate and had to be shown for whom to vote?

And upon election, what did Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood do? First, they continued the discord; second, they demanded a new Constitution - when the original Constitution with the new amendments was excellent, as-is - not unlike the US Constitution, on which it was based.

When the 9-Judge Panel (which oversees the entire government, to ensure that all of its actions are Constitutional) objected to Morsi's demands, ruling that the actions of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were unconstitutional, what did Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood do? They made an amendment to the Constitution, stating that it is "Illegal to criticize or question the President."

The Judges immediately resigned, and at that point, Morsi technically had more power than any ancient Pharaoh in history.

It is also important to know that the American Ambassador and the Muslim Brotherhood brought in US troops prior to the escalation of street violence. This was an illegal act.

Then the American Ambassador went to Israel and claimed that it was now the time for Israel to occupy Sinai, as Sinai must belong to Israel. Within a day or two, Israel sent drones into Egypt, killing some military personnel in Sinai. The continuation of the drones was stopped only because Egypt had the tape of the discussion between Bibi and the US Ambassador.

To make matters worse, the American Ambassador then went on national TV to explain that she was on her way to Turkey, to ask Turkey to step in, to help stop this bloodshed and to reinstate Morsi...huh?

How can a US Ambassador so blatantly and openly interfere in national politics of another country?

The goal is for Egypt to be divided, and this is openly admitted. and the US needed the Muslim Brotherhood to create havoc in Egypt for the US troops to come into Egypt, to start the division in full force.

Problems arose when it was revealed that Morsi was part-and-parcel of Ambassador Stevens' demise in Libya: Together, they ran illegal guns into Syria, etc. and it was Morsi who sent his thugs to clean up Stevens' mess and cover it all up nicely with "sand".

Fortunately, it is all coming forth, bit by bit...

And now the young man, the son of one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, had proof about his father and the US - and he went on the air in Turkey, stating that he was on his way to the Hague to release this video, and have everyone who was a traitor to Egypt be brought to the Hague - but the day before yesterday, he died - allegedly of "natural causes," he probably hit his head while he was sitting on the ground and fell over, causing instant death - just like the man who shot himself in the back of his head with a rifle.

This is long, sorry but I am angry at all the lies. Thank you for letting me vent, and if you were inclined you are welcome to verify the above statements.

You can call upon the Pope of the Copts, he will verify much, as will the military, and many others. Little by little, the truth is trickling out, in the same manner as the video I've sent you: it is a farce.

Then again, as a good friend and an ex-Republican State Chairman said, "How many times have we done the same, to 'make a movie', then release it as 'news'"...So, he is not surprised, nor am I. However, we ought to be truthful about these types of events, or at the minimum, be aware of them. -

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Morsi Supporters Stage Fake Protest with Fake Blood

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