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US Mind Control Weapons in Iraq
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Uploaded by lsc970 on Oct 17, 2011

Mind Control weapons exist, there is no debate or question about that if you take the time to research and look into the technology that has, and is, being produced. What we can ask is how far can these weapons go? How effective are they? What exactly can they accomplish? And the real question, Where all are they being used, and on whom?

This is a short clip that aired on China's CCTV 7 and talks about a couple accounts of Mind Control weapons being used in the middle east, and how secretly selected test targets were used to test these weapons.

Video Transcript:

US Army mind control weapons were used against Iraqi soldiers in Iraq. It was reported by Washington Post and quoted by China CCTV 7, run by People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China. The weaponry programs on CCTV7 are host by regular army personnel in full military uniforms.

In the program, it mentions experimental targets are usually secretly selected.

Washington Post - Military weekly recently reported Pentagon & CIA insider news disclosed in the evening of Oct 23rd 2007.

In northern Iraq US troops were engaging in fierce battles with opponent troops. Additional US troops deployed to the field and used a desktop PC-size device and aimed it at the their enemy. Immediately, the enemy armed troops knelt on the ground and surrendered.

On Nov 2nd 2007, Sdr City, Baghdad, armed troops who fought US Military tenaciously, collectively abandoned their lifeline- the weapons and disappeared overnight, mysteriously.

These incidents which can only be seen in sci-fi movies took place in those ground combats involving real human soldiers. Its truly amazing.

How do mind control weapons control the minds of targets? What are the principles behind the mysterious mind control weapons? Based on its principles, mind control weapons' strength lies in creating hallucinatory effects in targets' minds. And caused enemy troops to act according to external signals even though it may be against enemy troops' own interest e.g. surrender.

As opposed to conventional battles which involve the use of artillery & guns, mind control weapons fight "silent battles". Even though without deafening explosions, mind control weapons' "silent war" can be equally effective.

Mind control weapons can be classified into 3 main categories: electromagnetic, acoustic, and light (laser). Electromagnetic weapons can be further classified into electric field, magnetic field, microwaves & other electromagnetic weapons. Acoustic weapons can be categorized into infra-sound weapons and ultrasound weapons. Laser weapons are mainly made up of ultraviolet laser beam weapons.

During cold war, Russia & western blocs main objectives were to maximize mind control weapons' lethal effects against target. E.g. overwhelmed the target;s brain or induced suicidal acts in targets' minds. However, in recent developments, mind control weapons uses are bound to be more humane. To turn foes into allies, to make enemy troops surrender without having to kill them. On the other hand, the danger and potential threats due to mind control weapons abuse cause much concern and alarm among the scientists. If mind control weapons are abused, it can basically control the people.

Inside a private residence, public premises, industrial estates, on-board a public transport vehicle or private vehicles, secretly selected targets would be subjected to various mind control weapons' irradiation that can have chemical and biological effects on targets. Over a longer period, test targets would become socially isolated due to behavioral changes, weakened immune system & eventually lead to various diseases or even death.

In 1979, former Soviet categorized infrasonic weapons & electromagnetic weapons as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Western governments later followed suit by promising not to develop similar types of weapons. Due to "incredible power" in mind control weapons, many countries want to develop such weapons. Just like nuclear bombs, if mind control technology becomes fully developed, it will have the risk of expanding without control. If terrorists gain acces to mind control technology, it will have devastating outcomes.

On the other hand, if mind control technology is used wisely and responsibly, it will help in fostering peace among nations and mankind.

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